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2021 Award Judges

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Sarah Woodward
Commercial Marketing Manager
Pets at Home

Category Judge


Sarah has been involved with the Soldiering On Awards for four years in her role as Commercial Marketing Manager at Pets at Home.

Her role focuses on managing partnerships between Pets at Home, its supplier brands, its own private brands and its linked charities. Sarah also manages access of these to its Very Important Pets Loyalty Club. The club has over 7 million members and celebrates the unique bond between owners and their pets, a perfect setting to support the Animal Partnership Award.

Sarah joined Pets at Home in 2014, bringing 15 years’ experience in sales and marketing to the role. Her previous roles were working for global FMCG food manufacturing companies as well as UK based medical suppliers for the NHS and MoD.

“Pets at Home is proud to sponsor the Animal Partnership Category in testimony to the positive impact pets have had on the lives of their exceptional owners and the wider veteran community that they have helped. Knowing how these pets and animals influence lives so positively, it’s perfect for us to be involved. Pets at Home celebrates the special bond between pets and their owners. We understand how important and influential a pet can be on an owner’s life as a valued member of the family.”

38 of 40
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