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Mike Harwood
Military Mutual

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Mike Harwood, Air Vice-Marshal (Ret’d)

Mike Harwood retired from regular duty in the British armed forces in July 2012 after 34 years’ service. In his last appointment, he headed the British Defence Staff in the United States. Based in the British Embassy, Washington DC, his responsibilities covered all aspects of Defence issues and international relationships, the care of hundreds of UK military personnel and civil servants based across the United States, and included representing the UK in the United Nations’ Military Staff Committee in New York. His cherished days of flying a Harrier at night, using night-vision goggles and infra-red sensors, are long gone but replaced by the equally captivating volunteer task of flying Air Cadets in the Grob Tutor.

His experience from policy to strategy to tactics and the leadership of people has provided the foundations on which to write, teach and engage with businesses, organizations and educational establishments throughout the world. Whether as a Senior Associate Fellow with Whitehall-based think-tank RUSI or as an independent contributor, he remains dedicated to a greater shared understanding of national security in the round and getting the best from and for people.

He is also on the Board of Directors of The Military Mutual1 with long-time respected colleagues from the Royal Navy and British Army. Home is the historic city of Bath, with just Cheryl (his wife since 1981) to keep him in order, whilst both grown-up daughters stay emotionally close but geographically distant as they pursue their own fascinating work and family lives in Berlin and New Zealand.2

“The Soldiering On Awards provides inspirational evidence for what happens when people align talent, a belief in service to others rather than self, relentless determination and a catalyst for action rather than observation.”

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31 of 40
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