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2021 Award Judges

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Cdr Debra Whittingham RN
Deputy Governor, HM Tower of London
Historic Royal Palaces

Independent Judging Panel

Commander Whittingham joined the WRNS in 1981 and was commissioned in 1986. She has held a variety of appointments, including Assistant Naval Liaison Officer, London; RN Targeting Intelligence Cell; exchange with the US Navy at the Office of Naval Intelligence; Assistant Staff Officer Operations to Flag Officer Sea Training; Training Officer at RMA Sandhurst; and Staff Officer for Higher Command and Staff Course at Defence Academy,  

Cdr Whittingham was appointed Commandant of the Equality and Diversity Training Centre in 2008, before retiring in 2012 to undertake the position of Director of Operations at the Confederation of Service Charities. She is currently the Deputy Governor, Head of Operations and Security at HM Tower of London.  

“I feel extremely privileged to be asked to be a judge of these Awards, that have grown from strength to strength since Wing Commander Tal Lambert first introduced them to me in 2012.”

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13 of 40
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