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Family Values Award

Sponsored by The Military Mutual

About this Award…

An Award to honour a person, family or group whose selfless commitment, dedication and support for others in the Armed Forces Community ensures that they are cared for, supported or helped. This selfless act is therefore a shining example to society.

The judges will be looking for evidence of:

  • An engaging story behind the person, family or group, what they do in support of others in the community; and why they do what they do.
  • Clear descriptions of the acts of selfless commitment, dedication and support they have shown, in what circumstances and how often.
  • The impact on armed forces community families or family members that has been achieved through these acts of selfless commitment and dedication.
  • The different or unique characteristics of this nomination that set standards of exemplar behaviour and therefore makes this nomination special and that shining example to society.

This award is suitable for a person, family or group.

Meet our 2020 Winner!

Nikki Scott BEM, founder of Scotty’s Little Soldiers

When Nikki lost her husband in action, leaving her alone with two young children, she realised there must be many children had also lost a serving parent. Nikki was determined to make these bereaved children smile again, so in 2010, she set up Scotty’s Little Soldiers in honour of her husband Corporal Lee Scott. To date, over 400 children have benefited from her care.

Nikki Scott BEM said: “I am really honoured to receive this award. I know that when I speak on behalf of a few bereaved families, we can sometimes feel disconnected from the community when you lose someone in the military. What I love about Scotty’s Little Soldiers is that it helps to bring families back into the military community again.

“A big thank you to Soldiering On Awards because this is just another way of helping our families to feel back within the Military Community again.”

Previous Winners:

2019 – Jamie Small, and War Widows Association

2018 – Tony and Liz Connell, Marryhue Farm

2017 – Mr & Mrs J Clayton


2 of 13
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