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2020 Award Judges

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Craig Beaumont, FRSA
Director of External Affairs and Advocacy
Federation of Small Businesses

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Craig Beaumont leads the FSB Westminster staff team covering policy, public affairs, EU/International and media – securing change for small businesses/the self-employed. Craig developed the FSB/X-Forces partnership.  Craig is also FSB’s sherpa for the ‘B5’; UK’s major business organisations (FSB, CBI, BCC, IoD, Make UK). He is on the Small Business Saturday Board and the British Steel taskforce.

Before FSB, Craig worked on Prime Minister’s Questions at 10 Downing Street, and for Seb Coe at the London 2012 Organising Committee of the Olympic/ Paralympic Games (including TicketsForTroops).

He is on the FT OUTstanding list of leading LGBT+ business executives, and won the Francesca Kemp small business award.

“Service leavers make natural entrepreneurs, but often don’t realise it!  SOA shines a spotlight on those whose talent and skills create brilliant business ideas that change the world, crucially inspiring others to follow.”

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8 of 33
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